Tuesday September 26 , 2017
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Support for PC's, Apple's, Laptops and Notebooks

We at The Technology Garage pride ourselves on being current and knowledgeable regarding various technologies. We have expertise with hardware and software from all the major manufacturers, component makers and even some lesser known companies.

We repair or service both traditional or Apple based computers or laptops. We are proficient with the following operating systems:

  • All versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS X
  • Linux (distributions including Ubuntu, Red Hat and Suse)

Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal

Virus, Adware, Spyware, Malware, root kits, key loggers and other potentially dangerous programs have become a major problem with today’s personal computers. Not only can they affect your computer's performance but they can damage the data on your computer or even capture personal information in an identity theft attempt.

If you believe you are infected with malicious software we have the tools and knowledge to find and remove these threats. After they have been removed we will configure your system in an effort to protect you in the future.

OS and Software Upgrades (Apple, Microsoft and Linux)

Upgrading or reloading an operating system on your computer can be more than a small challenge.

Our number one priority is to “keep your data safe” during the upgrade process. To do this we start by making a backup of the data on your system before we do anything. Then our expert staff will run any clean-up routines and malicious software scans before starting the upgrade. Finally the upgrade or reloading of the data will be performed. We will also take the time to walk you through any training you need with your new software.

Hardware Installations and Upgrades

The Technology Garage Hardware Installation Service

We are experts and experienced at installing any hardware upgrade that your system may need.

We can install any new components including a new or an additional hard drive, extra RAM or even change out your motherboard.

We can even install complex and complicated systems like a hard drive RAID or mirroring setup.

We can install components that you have purchased or we can procure the equipment for you. We are at your service to assist you with any upgrade you require.

Internet and email Help

As we all know the Internet is an important part of our life now. In many instances it is how we communicate, it is where we go for news, it is our shopping mall and much more. The Internet is an amazing technological achievement but what happens when it doesn’t work? If you have already gone through the phone calls to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that didn’t work; give us a call and we can help.

Is your Internet working but your email is broken? Call us and we can help you through remote control service or an on-site visit.

The internet is also a very dangerous place. We have all heard about Identity Theft and the hacking of various companies’ computer systems. This can happen to you and it is your job to protect yourself. We can help you to secure your computer using Virus Protection software, configuring Automated Updating systems, installing Firewall Protection and providing any other necessary service to lock down your system.

Data Recovery Services

Fortunately we live in a time where we can purchase hard drives that can hold hundreds of thousands of high-resolution pictures or over 100 DVD movies or a hospital worth of X-rays on one very inexpensive hard drive. Unfortunately as the storage capacity increases and the prices drop the reliability of these devices decrease. As the saying goes you get what you pay for and that includes hard drives.

Have no fear we offer a low cost data recovery service for the internal hard drives, external hard drives, RAID systems, CD-ROMs, DVDs and all types of Flash media.

We do our own recovery and do not send out your drives to a third-party. Click Here for specifics on our drive recovery services.

Backup Solutions

There is nothing more important when it comes to your computer than your data. Therefore there is nothing more important than having a backup of your data to mitigate against data loss due to a hard drive failure, data corruption or accidental deletion.

We can provide you the software, hardware and automate the process you need to have a duplicate of your data just in case a disaster strikes.

Computer set-up

When purchasing a new computer or laptop you need to set up applications, set up your email and move data from the old computer to the new computer. On top of all that you want to remove all that junk that the computer manufacturer put on your computer like trial versions of AOL.

We can do that for you in a quick and efficient manner.

You can either do the set-up on site or we can send one of our mobile mechanics to pick up your systems and do the work at our facility.

Wireless Setup and SECURITY!

There are freely available, easy to access tools for your computer that will allow you to quickly and easily find all the wireless access points that your computer can see and let you connect to them.

This is probably not a surprise to anyone but there are measures you can and should take to secure your wireless network.

  • Is it easy to secure your system? No.
  • Can a secured system still be broken into? Absolutely.
  • Should you still secure your system then? YES.

Life would be easier if we did not lock our front doors but we do. We lock our car doors. We lock away our valuables in a locker at the gym.

  • Do we do this because easy? No.
  • Can people still break into our house, car or lock? Yes.
  • Do we still attempt to protect our valuables? YES.

The truth is do you care if your neighbor uses your Internet to get the score of the game? It is probably not a big deal to you. Do you care if the guy in the car outside your house is using your wireless to hack into your bank accounts or worse? I would think so.

It is possible to break into secured wireless systems but why go through the trouble breaking into a secured system when down the street there is probably an open connect? Again same reason a theft will steal an unlocked car instead of a locked one.