Tuesday September 26 , 2017
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The Technology Garage Security Services

The daily headlines tell of infiltrated data centers, stolen credit card numbers and network outages due to malicious activity. The hope is that these events are done by kids with too much time on their hands but more likely this is being performed by a sophisticated, well-organized syndicate of criminals or a competitor looking for an advantage. The BIG break-ins make the news but the small security breaches can have the same devastating effect to your company.

Truthfully, it is a difficult and daunting task to build a completely secure and hardened enterprise computer infrastructure and it is possible that you will never be able to reach the level of “completely secure” due to time or cost. Fortunately, if you are willing to put some effort and time into securing your infrastructure you have a fighting chance since you will be doing more than most. Simply put, the criminals and troublemakers would rather open unlocked doors, then have to take time and effort picking locks.

The services we offer range from computer and application update servicing to full DMZ and firewall installation.