Tuesday September 26 , 2017
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Open Source Software (OSS)

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Open Source Software means different things to different people but without getting technical, Open Source Software is software that is usually freely redistributed. There are stipulations to this but for the most part it comes down to being free software.

There are many well known Open Source projects like the Apache web server, Linux and Firefox and there is a repository of 340,000 less known projects at Source Forge. Not all of these software packages are good or non-geek-friendly but many of the most popular applications are professionally developed solutions which just happen to be very cost effective.

It is prudent to at least consider running some of your office on open source software. It is true that there are reasons for not using OSS like a learning curve for the staff, compatibility issues with proprietary software or a lack of features but it is definitely worth the time to explore the possibilities.

If you are looking to run your office using free software please contact us. We have the experience and capabilities to guide you through a thorough review of your requirements as well as the ability to design, install and maintain your OSS systems.